6828 Central Avenue Pike Knoxville, TN 37918  865-689-7001

Hosanna Food Pantry

Hosanna Pantry has been temporarily suspended.  We regret any hardship this may cause.


This ministry is our most extensive and longest running major local outreach of NCF. Approximately 100+ family units are ministered to monthly. Each family receives 3 paper grocery bags of quality food.  We also make available focused personal prayer ministry to all of our Hosanna Food Pantry clients who welcome such ministry. The Pantry is noted as one of a number of food pantries in our city providing consistent quality care for those needing this help in our area.

The pantry is funded through individual gifts and the NCF General Fund.  You may wish to help us in this as the need for individual and additional financial help is always welcome.


Director:  Cindy Hatchett