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Meet Our Staff

Senior Pastor

Pastor Russ and Faye Porcella started New Covenant Fellowship  in October of 1981 and continue to pastor the congregation.  Both Russ and Faye graduated from William Jennings Bryan College in 1967.  After earning a Master’s Degree in Science Education, Russ taught biology at Bryan for three years.  He then entered a Ph.D.  program in cell biology at the University of Tennessee.  He completed his doctorate and did post-doctoral work in colon cancer research.  At the completion of these studies, God called Russ and Faye into full-time ministry.  New Covenant Fellowship was begun a few years later, and they both continue doing what God called them to do.

The Porcella’s have a heart for children.  In the course of their 43 years of marriage, they have opened their lives and home to 8 children that came in various groupings and ages. In addition to pastoring NCF, they are grandparents who parent two of their grandchildren.

Russ is primarily motivated as an Exhorter with a Teaching gift. His passion is to invest in and release people into their giftings and God-called assignments.  Faye is a mercy based administrator who loves people and is known as a “Mother in Israel.”

Youth Pastor
Children's Pastor

Kathy Grizzell serves as the bookkeeper at NCF. She has been on staff since January 2004. Her spiritual giftings are Mercy, Serving and Perception. She is on the Board of Trustees, Building Committee, Revelatory Team and Sunday Morning Prayer Team. She has a strong passion for intercession and has headed our prayer team for mission trips. She has been married to Scott for 20 years and they have three children, Nathan, Carrie and Bethany.

Volunteer Associate Pastor