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Fire and Wind Anointings and Billion Soul Youth Harvest

The Drama, Rejection and Impact of the Anointings

We highly recommend three existing You Tube videos as a key starting place for preparing and understanding some of the dimensions of the soon coming Fire and Wind anointings.  First, Mike Bickle does an excellent job of describing the 1984 promise of the three dimensions of the Holy Spirit coming in their fulness for the end-time billion soul youth harvest. Mike stresses that while the resistance to the Wine starting in 1994 was incredible, it was nothing compared to the responses coming to the Fird and Wind  outpourings.  The Wind outpouring will cause yet additional impact, drama and rejection.  Mike stresses the “stigma” associated with these two additional outpourings soon to come upon the earth.  Watch this MUST SEE history and introduction to all three end-time outpourings.  Watch Here 


There has been for many years a small number of forerunners across the earth, of the coming Fire and Wind anointings. David Hogan of long established ministry in Mexico is certainly one of them. He may be the leading one, in the earth currently, walking as an example in the Fire and Wind anointing. David might have a personality that might be similar to that of John the Baptist. David lives and does Matthew 10:7 & 8.  His reputation and ministry impact is known globally.  The following two messages are a classic revealing of the seasoned Fire and Wind anointed ministry. These messages reveal some of the kinds of broken bodies totally healed that are and will be common in the coming harvest, the kinds of dead raisings that are and will be common, the kinds of numerous angelic involvements that are and will be common, the kinds of demonic encounters that are and will be common, the kinds of seemingly closed people groups (Amish and Ancestoral Worship Controlled people in southern Africa) that healings, signs and wonders break open, the incredible sovereign appointments that are and will be common in the harvest, and some of the kinds of unheard of “greater works” that will be common in the global harvest. These two messages are MUST WATCHING to help prepare yourself for what is eminent in timing. 

An Evening With David Hogan Part 1 2018 Watch Here

An Evening With David Hogan Part 2 2018 Watch Here