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The Anointing – Holy Spirit Baptism

This 2013 series focuses on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit or the Anointing.  This is a series of messages to help establish a sound Biblical view of this promised gift to all believers in Christ Jesus

The second video message in the series. Pastor Russ detailes the connections bewtween Genesis 11 and Acts 1 and 2. The import of language is examined in light of these two passages.

This third video focuses on the significance of the Feast Day of the Day of Pentecost or Feast of Weeks. The intentions of God are partly revealed by the meaning of the Feast Day the Holy Spirit was poured out.

This fourth video focuses on the 5 accounts in Acts where the Holy Spirit was poured out. It shows how the Promise or Gift of the Holy Spirit is available for all

This fifth video focuses on a number of the seeming problem passages found in 1 Corinthians regarding tongues: Their availability to all; Their utilization in the local church

This sixth video in the series focuses on 1 Corinthians 14. A case is made for a more accurate interpretation of Paul’s concern regarding the church at Corinth. In addition, the common error made against or prohibiting the corporate prayer use of tongues is examined.