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Birth of Jesus 2012

A series of four messages regarding the birth of Jesus Christ. Each message focuses on a different view of the birth of Jesus. The first is an insightful look through the prophetic window speaking details of the coming Christ. It culminates in discussing the very building in which Jesus was born.

The birth of Jesus Christ from Mary’s view: This message seeks to contrast the possible human view of the difficulties encountered in the birth of Jesus and Heaven’s view of the unfolding events. This encouraging and insightful message can deeply impact you life and view of your current circumstances.

The video below is the third View, part 1, of the birth of Jesus Christ. Eternity has been set in the hearts of all mankind. A fascination with the elements of the heavens has always existed among the people and civilizations of the earth. This message focuses on this and attempts to point to the significance of December 21, 2012.

Message number 4 is shown below. This message incorporates the “Connect the Dots” analogy to help explain the role of the extensive prophetic ministry surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

The fifth and final Christmas 2012 message below. Pastor Russ looks at the 5 proclamations that were made after the birth of Jesus.