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The Prophetic History and Calling of NCF Message Series

The Graphic, Represents the “Sands of Time” beach shown to prophet Bob Jones in August 1979.  The partially uncovered box is the shoebox Bob was instructed to dig out of the sand.  It contained letters of Induction into the End-Time Army of God.  Bob was told the first notices were issued on November 1, 1981. This was when U.S. first class postage went to 20 cents/oz.  NCF started on November 1, 1981.  As the years have passed, we have come to recognize it was and is God’s intention for our congregation to play a strategic role in the actual beginning of the end-time Global Revival.  The end-time harvest is pointed to in Matthew 24:14. It will be the concluding part of the fulfillment of the Father’s promise to Jesus in Psalm 2.

The Prophetic History and Calling of NCF


The Prophetic History and Calling of NCF:  A core NCF series.  This was given in the fall of 2015.  It looks at NCF through its history.  Pastor Russ has been the senior pastor from the very beginning and reflects back on the events, prophecies, prophetic experiences and flow of events in our history.  Each message builds on the previous message and points to the next in the series.

Part 1:  Sunday morning August 9, 2015.  Pastor Russ begins our story with some of the context of experiences he had prior to beginning and pastoring New Covenant Fellowship of Knoxville.  The second half focuses on NCF’s start date of November 1, 1981

Part 1 Recordings: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 2: August 16, 2015-  Three prophetic signs in early days of NCF.  LBC, NCF Start Date, NCF Property Purchase, NCF First Building

Part 2 Recordings:  Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 3a:  Sunday Morning August 23, 2015 – Jim Oxendine focused morning message including stunning confirmation of NCF start date.

Part 3a Recordings:   Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 3b: August 23rd AM Service: Stunning confirmations Elijah List and Bonnie Jones, Early NCF Ministries, Area Unity Endeavors, Foreign Missions Early Days, Fasting Begins, Pillar Prophecies, The Sound of the Train, Renewal 1995,

Part 3b Recordings: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 3c Sunday Morning August 30, 2015.  A retelling of the “Class of 21” Russia story.  How God taught us He can supply anything at anytime He so chooses.

Part 3c Recordings: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 4 August 30, 2015 Sunday Evening.  Prophetic experiences of the congregation and Pastor Russ.  Hudson Taylor and Russia ministry begins.

Part 4 Recordings: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 5 September 2015  Gary Beaton shares a number of his stories and how his ministry interacted with NCF as we walked closely in ministry during the Russia and Israel ministry focused  years.

Part 5 Recordings: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 6 September 13, 2015 – The making of a leader and all the Russia Outreaches, The DVD project and Sister Gwen Shaw

Part 6: Audio  | YouTube Video


Part 7: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 8: Audio  |  YouTube Video

Part 9: Audio  |  YouTube Video