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2017 Christmas Series

December 3, 2017:  Each Christmas Pastor Russ speaks on some aspect of the birth of Jesus Christ.  This series begins with looking at 4 of 5 of the most significant prophecies regarding the birth and earliest days of Jesus life.  The prophecies focus on His identification with humanity, His Hebrew heritage, His virgin birth and the timing of His birth.  Click here to watch the video HERE

December 10, 2017:  The Tower of the Flock.  Micah 4:8 reveals the location of the Lord’s birth.  Pastor Russ discusses many aspects of the birth of Christ in the birthing chamber of Migdal Eder or the Tower of the Flock.  Watch Video HERE

December 17, 2017:  Third and final message in the 2017 Christmas Series.  Pastor Russ takes a deeper look at the circumstances and ramification of the birth of Christ at Migdal Eder or the Tower of the Flock.  A special focus is made on the swaddling cloths or strips or bands that the Angel spoke to the shepherds about.  Watch video HERE